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UITmentor: Registration form

It’s great that you want to register as a mentor for the UIT 2024! Please read the information below carefully.

Please note! As a mentor, you have to study in Utrecht. Your proof of registration will be checked by us. If you want to become a mentor but do not have proof of registration, for example because of a gap year, please let us know via this form. 

For new mentors, it is compulsory to attend one of the introductory meetings, from there we determine whether you can become a mentor. 

In addition, as a mentor pair, you must attend the mandatory mentorday on Friday 9 August!

Registration through a student association is possible. You will then receive a separate registration link from your student organisation, which will allow you to select your student organisation during registration by means of a code. 

At the end of the registration, you can indicate if you want to be a mentor duo together with a friend. Here you both need to fill in each other's account details (first name, last name, e-mail address and mobile number). 


Are you 18 years or older at the start of UIT?

You must be 18 years or older to become a mentor. If you are not yet 18 years old during UIT, you do not need to fill in this form and we would like to see you as UIT mentor in the future.

Are you studying in Utrecht next academic year (2024/2025)?

For 'no', indicate why you are not studying next academic year but still want to become a mentor.

Will this be your first time as a UITmentor? Click 'yes' and choose which introductory meeting you come to.

If you have been a UITmentor before? Tick 'no' and we will see you at the mandatory mentor day. 

Will you be present at the mentordag on Friday the 9th of August?

If 'no', indicate why you cannot attend the compulsory mentor day and propose an appropriate solution.

Are you applying through a student organisation? Yes, namely:


What is your clothing size for your mentor shirt?


Have you the following food preferences? Yes, namely:


Would you like to guide a group of Master's students?


Would you like to be a mentor for a fully international group of English speaking UIT participants?


Would you be open to guiding students with a disability (for example, students that use a wheelchair, deaf/ hearing impaired students, students on the autism spectrum or students that have a chronic illness) in your group?

Mentors that guide students with a disability will receive a special training and extra support. You can find more information here

What would you like to show your group during the UIT?

Culture & information
Choose this option if you want to guide a group that wants to become acquainted with the cultural highlights of the UIT or is mainly looking for information about student life.

Associations and parties
Choose this option if you want to guide a group that mainly wants to get to know the associations and the evening parties.

Culture & information

Low score
High score

Associations & parties

Low score
High score

What is your motivation?

Briefly describe (less than 100 words) why you would like to become a UIT mentor.

Case 1

Choose one question and  answer it. 


Choose one question, a different one from the previous question and then answer it.

These are our expectations of you as UITmentor:

  • You are involved with your UITgroup and are reliable.
  • You actively participate in the UIT program and make sure your group has a great week. 
  • You are available during the UIT. For your group and the organization.
  • You are responsible.
  • You will ablidge by the rules of conduct, the alcohol and drugs policy.
  • You will come to one of the introductory meetings when you first apply.
  • You are available for the mandatory mentortraining on the 9th of August.

You have filled in the application form truthfully? Click 'next'.

After that, you go to the next step where you check your details and agree to the code of conduct, alcohol and drugs policy and privacy statement. After that step, you will be given the option to be grouped together with a friend, if you wish. 


You will now register as UITmentor for the UIT. The registration process consists of the following steps:

  1. Your registration
  2. Your personal data
  3. Registration summary and option to mentor duo
  4. Confirmation

Complete all steps!

Do you have any questions about your registration or the UIT? Click here for the FAQ or contact us by sending an e-mail to